Hello World!!!


You know how life is full of choices, many more choices especially as you grow, the crazy part is that others just chose to make decisions on your behalf, like their own lives do not have enough..goooooosh humans… neh… crazy bunch of living things. But with all these, no matter what people say or do or don’t say or don’t do, the decision is made by me, what clothes to wear (how to combine colors!!!), what food to eat (veggggggggggy), how I live my life, its all upto me, a born again Christian who realises that God brought me in the world for a purpose.

Why born again Christian?!!! Ok,now, here is God who knows the way I should travel and I am a stranger on the earth, which one of the two should lead the other?seriously??? I have realised that there is no way to the so called destiny without Jesus, before I found Jesus,I had not yet started travelling on my destiny, in fact it was safe to say I had no destiny at all, I realised my destiny had to take shape,there was no need to continue fighting, no need to continue holding on to baseless things,I had to give my life to Jesus, now i am souled to Christ,* (best life ever)*

This blog is about my choices, how I look at things in my profession, family, friends life, ideas, my beloved country (Zambia) , and anything that just stands out for me in the day to day activities in my own way. So while today I may write something IT related, tomorrow you may find an article about a beautiful place I visited, or an awesome restaurant I went or some weird/fun thing that is happening with the projects I am involved, its basically my life..,

So I invite you to get to see why I love to be me, a “stranger on earth…”