21 lessons fromUchii at 21

Uchii says ” Stay Humble ” because humility is good,end story #Uchiiat21

Uchii says

Hello people 🙂

So i’m one of those people who get super excited about their birthday, like countdowns, gift hints popping and the whole shebang! lol, with that said my birthday is in exactly 42 days today and my countdown has began!. 

Now I’ve been looking back at the past year, my 21st year of living and i’m filled with gratitude and some wisdom pearls from the lessons I’ve learnt, hence the title of the post ” 21 lessons from Uchii at 21″. I might or might not manage 21, there maybe a duplicate or 2 just pretend all of them are unique, cool? cool. lets go!

  1. You’re simply human; i have learnt that whilst i have control over my own life, there’s a lot of things in life that are out of my hands, things that don’t require my efforts because they’d be in vain either way. So Uchii…

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