The Impossible & The Difficult: A Writer’s Paradox

Do my words empower, devour or do they inspire a generation towards positive change.
I do not know even though I am sitting next to an individual who may or may not be experiencing the same issue as me.
Why do I write? I write my mind, I write my thoughts, passion and pain.
Blogging is my outlet,
a way out and a way to the top.
I have been told that what I write is important, this makes me smile,
Makes me happy to be yielding such power.
In my little universe words are my weapon and I am ruler over each character. So I use them to their fullest with rhetoric and rhythm to a society that needs awareness.
It is a creative hustle in Zambia because it is a strange art, usually considered rude.
Even though it is a go green idea.
My voice through blogs is a mine and carriers with it a sense of Anishamagic. If it was food I promise you it will definitely taste better than chocolate. Mmmmmm…
it is definitely one of the things tinashe would talk about.
Might not be a worldy but a hood favorite.
As a writer I have the obligation to share, inspire, and change the status quo. But it is truly impossible to avoid the hurt and limitations expressed by my community on certain issues and it is terribly difficult to express my honesty.
I am caught in a storm of my emotions because I do not know if I should carry the burdens of other people’s thought on life…
Must their emotions be respected by my mind?
My mother always tells me to be wise of what I say but be more careful with how I say it.
While facebook asks me what is on my mind?
Heart and mind has a comment on social injustice, mental illness, political limitations, gender based violence, war and the evil of mankind.
Should I hit the nail on the head? without care? or must I be calm and objective in my address.
I do not want to wear a mask in this system,
I do not want to keep this power of words within me. I do not know which is the worst deception to neglect my emotions and sugar coat the truth or to speak without reason and care, so long my mind voices itself.
I may not know much, but what I am aware of is that my ability to write is neither impossible neither difficult.
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