Have you tried the “Uber” of Zambia???


In the verge to create convenience, DotCom Zambia is now offering a service that revisualizes the way public transport users move around known as iCommute Zambia, the first and only ride-sharing/carpooling platform. Currently operating in Lusaka and Kitwe, it allows Commuters going to work or school by public transport or taxi commute with other commuters, that live in their area, own vehicles and/or use the same route as them and travel the same time.

In doing so, commuters can save time, money and make their daily commute more convenient. iCommute prides itself in being able to link drivers (Vehicles owners) and riders who live in the same area, and /or using the same route at the same time to travel together. It also provides opportunities for drivers to earn money; so from the individual driver doing this part time on their way to work to earn money for fuel, to professional Taxi’s and Buses that use this platform to drive their businesses.

It was created to make commuting easy and enjoyable, as their clients no longer have to worry about taking two buses to and from work or having to walk long distances, because their school or place of work is not on a public transport line.

How it works:

Driver: Any registered driver with a personal vehicle who wishes to be part of the ride-share community can simply sign-up by going to www.icommutezambia.com. Drivers then pick up the registered riders at designated spots and drop them off at their home, place of work or school.

Rider: A rider would sign up for the service at www.icommutezambia.com, their information is matched with other commuters in their area to form a commuter group and drivers in that area, at which point the ride sharing begins.

Commuters and Driver can join this platform today online and become of the commuter community on social media (https://www.facebook.com/groups/icommutezambia/).

So next time you need to move around, try iCommute!

#Carpooling #iCommuteZambia


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