“Keep Coding”

“Keep Coding” Said Chibiibi as we finished doing the podcast, 4th episode to be exact, featuring the team I have grown to consider an amazing bunch after 5 weeks of working together; the code bus Zambia crew aka my Unsung heroes.

Together we are working to make Code bus Africa a reality in Zambia, an opportunity to train pupils especially females from Lusaka, Copperbelt and Southern provinces in coding using sonic pi. The past 5 weeks have been filled with training in Scratch programming, Arduino, LittleBits, Makey Makey, Microbits and the sonic pi platform.

Being part of the Zambian team, its exciting especially knowing we are among the 10 African Countries that the codebus is passing through, an initiative made as Finland celebrates its 100 years.

As we get closer to the actual day, having this particular podcast is thrilling because we were joined by Irena,-Beautiful Soul; the project coordinator for the Africa Code bus or “Bus Driver” as she cheerfully calls herself.

We joined Chibiibi- our moderator, for the podcast to say “keep coding” as a sign of saying goodbye at the end of the podcast, took group some selfie – Everybody knows an interview aren’t over-no matter how miner- till you take pics!

We invite you to Follow our journey on facebook, instagram and twitter as we host Code Bus Africa Zambia!

#PostPodcastSelfie #codebusafrica #hackersguild #girlscancode #stem


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