Celebrating my Hair…

12088269_996499850391344_4174036021996401612_n 11102651_904213859619944_4330413679535812227_n 1978778_903415469699783_4011286650664397669_n 11083902_900105546697442_4057853830325514721_n11008421_903415616366435_6335843430435961011_n  11041743_903417646366232_2293266905223832587_n 11118608_903413716366625_4816876849620602286_n  12907_898264040214926_1439706645404797017_n 11083614_903528863021777_3561722053889919433_n

Okay, maybe one may wonder why I made a fuss about this hairstyle…Well This was the first time that I voluntary had my hair cut in the sides or anywhere for that matter… It was such a beautiful feeling that I immediately had to have this memorable moment captured. (That explains why the same images are appearing in black white and color) xxxxx




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