The piece below was written by My Cousin, Abigail Shachinda, an amazing artist I have seen grow in my eyes…

Patiently, fierce as a lion, recognizing all of my enemies weaknesses,
Sharp sight, with reflexs quick enough to identify the weak spots
So that maximum demage may be applied.

Fear for me is merely frivolous diversions with no real significance.
For out of the pit from pole to pole
I thank the Creator that made me
For through pain, i still have my unconquerable soul.

Because even at the peak clutch of circumstance
I never winced nor did i cry aloud
Even under the bludgeonings of chance
My mind becomes bloody, but unbowed.

For my name is Aurina,’The Golden Lady’
I not only have silver hair, but am silver-tongued as well.
In this world, beyond this place of wrath and tears,
and the menace of the years.
With the Horrors of this planets shade, i stand tall, proud and unafraid.

My step of assurity can be noticed as my feet make way, full of vanity.
Casting dancing shadows behind my path of true legacy, but do feel free to ask for clarity.

Because my glow with the rosy warmth of life can not go unoticed.
And offcoz you are not in a state of sanity, but have only recognised the presence of the Golden Lady.

Aurnia is my name, a true example of a madiens modesty.
My journey may appear as a mysterious way, due to the wonders i perform.
Cause i believe all demands a pay, and gives nothing, no room to the weak.
So that even at my lowest point i ride upon storms.

My creativity is drawn from the unfathomable mines, i treasure up my bright designs.
Judging not another man, by feeble sense,
but giving him trust, for he to is a creator.

Behind a bold providence, i hind a smiling face.
My purposes reveal themselves fast, unfolding truth every hour,
Blind individuals are sure to err and scan my work in vain.
But the Lord is my own interpreter, and He will make it plain before them.
Aurina is my name, ‘The Golden Lady.’
Adieu 🙂

Writing was inspired by one of the worlds greatest individuals Alexander Pope


Like I said this beautiful piece was done by Abigail, please do take do check on out more of her work by clicking on the link on her name or the one below:

Click here to see more of her simply amazing work (opens a new tab/window).

P.S. Did I mention She’s my cousin, whom I have seen grow in my eyes??? Lol




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